Quality and flower care

 ,,Ziedu Baze Florex’’ SIA guarantee undertaking of providing delivery of fresh quality flowers. Our professional florists make every flower composition with big accuracy and special approach, paying attention to every client order and fulfill individually expressed desires.

We are purchasing flowers from the world`s best and leading flower breeders to provide qualitative service for our clients, choosing those types of flowers, that will delight our clients and surprise them with floral longevity.

Our customer satisfaction and providing service of the highest level is  ,,Ziedu Baze Florex’’ SIA main priority. It`s also important for us that our flowers would deliver joy and delightment for our clients for the possible longest time, that`s why we have prepared some recommendations, that will help to keep flower freshness and beauty even longer.

Recommendations for flower care


  1. Prepare suitable vase for the flowers, wash it neatly.

Very important prerequisite is to choose Your vase correctly, to make sure, if it`s not too big or too small for Your flowers. Measure Your choice, because, if the vase will be too small, than the stem of the flower can break down or vase just will fall down itself. Wash Your vase accurately with washing liquid and water.


  1. Use special powder for flower feeding and water cleansing.

Add some powder to the water, which is meant for feeding and cleansing - it will help to supply cut flowers with necessary feed additives and will prolong their life, this powder will keep necessary pH level of the water and will protect from unnecessary bacteria.


  1. Fill vase with fresh water.

 Fill it with clean water, but don`t forget to keep some space for the flowers! Tulips and narcisses like cool water. But it`s better to use tepid or a little bit warm water for most flowers and boquets.


  1. Cut the leafs, that will be under water level, off the flower stems.

Put the flowers in the vase so that 2/3 of the vase would be filled with water. Fill the vase with only 1/3 of the water for the flowers with soft stems, because, for example, callas and amaryllis stems can start to rot pretty quickly. Free of leafs the part of stem which will stay in the water. If some leaf stays under water line, it will first produce bacteria back in the clean water.


  1. Cut off at least 2cm of the flower stems at 45 angle degree

Before putting flowers in the water, cut off 1-2 cm of the end of of each flower stem. Use the roll cut for hard stems - it will help flowers to absorb more water. You can make even longer cut (4-5 cm) for roses, carnations and chryzanthemums, because these flowers like water even more. We recommend to make a sectional cut for flowers with soft stems, for example, tulips, because they are able to absorb a lot of water in a short amount of time, but a cut that is too broad can lead to quick flower aging. Use sharp and clean knife to cut flower stems. Scissors or blunt blades can mess up stems. The cutting of the flower stem ends helps them to absorb water even better.


  1. Take care of flowers every day

The more flowers bouquette have, the more faster they absorb the water. Check the water level in the vase every day, fill in the water, if it`s necessary. We also recommned to wash vase every day. It would be even better to cut flower stem ends every day. Cut off  the rotten parts and throw away old flowers at the same time.


  1. Remember to choose the right place for flowers in Your house

Place cut flowers, compositions and flower bouquets further from direct sunlight or sources of heat, for example, radiators. Heat quickens the growth of bacteria in the vase and reduces flower longevity. Don`t put flowers near fruits. Some fruits, particularly, bananas, produce ethylene gas, which cause quick flower spoilage. Place the vase or the flower pot in the place, which is inaccesible for children and pets.


  1. What to do, if roses star to bend their heads?

Whe roses start to droop, cut off their stems and put them in hot water for approximate one minute. You can act the same, for example, with gerberas, that had lost their rigidity, and with other flowers, that like warm climate. Other tehnique is to spray flower leafs with water and to put them in cool place fora couple of hours.